Paris Massage Room

Escape To Paris Massage Room

Relax. Reduce stress. Ease sore muscles. Breathe. Improve circulation. Smile. Reconnect.


Therapeutic Adult Massage:
60 minutes $80; 90 minutes $110

Therapeutic massage tailored to your needs while we watch your kids for you onsite. You choose from deep tissue, Swedish or sports emphasis. Aromatherapy included.


Signature Family Massage for Two: 60 minutes $150, 90 minutes $225

Side-by-side massage for parent and child. Share quality, peaceful time along with your little one while giving them the health and wellness benefits of massage! Aromatherapy included.


Couples Massage: 60 minutes $150, 90 minutes $225

Parents, do you need some time to reconnect with each other? Let us watch your kids while you enjoy a relaxing massage together. Aromatherapy included.


Kid’s Massage: 30 minutes $45; 60 minutes $80

Today’s kids have to be mini-adults, don’t they? Let us help ease homework stress, growing pains, sports muscle fatigue, and backpack pain with soothing and comforting massage. Aromatherapy included. Please note parents must be in the treatment room at all times, but we have free wi-fi and a comfy chair for you!


Hot Stone Adult Massage: 60 minutes $90; 90 minutes $120

Warm stones are heated and massaged on the body for soothing stress release and relief from muscle pain. Aromatherapy included.


Pregnancy Massage: 60 minutes $90

Expectant mothers can benefit so much from massage! We provide you with a great circulatory massage that helps ease swelling, lower back pain, and fatigue so you can stop thinking about discomfort and focus instead on the joys of pregnancy. And if this is not your first child, let us watch your other kids in our playroom so you can get some much-needed rejuvenation! Special pregnancy pillow available. Aromatherapy included.


Infant Massage and Training: 30 minutes $55

Let our therapist introduce you and your baby to the many benefits of massage. We give your baby a gentle, comforting massage while teaching you how to use the same techniques at home. We show you how to alleviate discomfort from colic and constipation, as well as give both you and baby a better night’s sleep!


Indulgent Scalp Treatment Add-On: 10 minutes $15

Enjoy a luxurious scalp massage with soothing oils to add a blissful touch to your massage.


Indulgent Foot or Back Scrub Add-On: 15 minutes $20

After your massage, relax even further as your therapist exfoliates, soothes and massages your feet or back with a luxurious scrub. Your feet and back put up with a lot all day- they deserve some extra pampering! Not available for expectant mothers.