Your First Visit

Our Family Spa Front of BuildingHere are some important things to know before your visit:

1. If you are bringing your child to our fabulous play room while you enjoy your services, great! That is why we are here! But you know your child- if they are shy, or take a while to adjust to new spaces, please bring them to the play room 5-10 minutes early, so you can enjoy the room together for a bit and get them used to it. That way, the hardest part will be getting them to leave all the fun when your service is over!

2. Please make sure to give yourself enough time before your service to fill out a little paperwork. If you and your child are having services together, we want to find out about both of you! (That means Mom gets to fill out two forms.) If you would like to complete your intake forms before you come in, feel free to print it out and bring it with you. Download the form.

3. Please don’t bring snacks for your child unless absolutely necessary for their peace or health while we are watching them. It would be a shame for other kids to be jealous of their food. Also, please alert us to any allergies your child has before dropping them off. We do have a bottle warmer and a refrigerator.

4. Please understand that we cannot watch your children unless you stay on the premises, as we are not a licensed day care facility. If you leave, you need to take your child with you.

5. Children receiving services must ALWAYS have their parents in the room during their treatment. You can either get services with them, or you can enjoy a little R&R in each room’s comfy chair. For your family’s safety, there are absolutely no exceptions to this rule. Thank you for your understanding.