Make Your Own Spa Products

The lobby at Our Family Spa is also a super-awesome production facility for kids to make their own lotions, body scrubs, and bath gels. All our products are non-toxic and specially formulated in the U.S. for young skin. Kids choose their flavor, or mix several together! Add glitter! Decorate bottles with stickers and puffy paint! All our products are vegan as well as gluten and paraben free, and all natural ingredients enriched with vitamins and nutrients. Choose from fun flavors like Chocolicious, Cotton Candy, Silly Grape, Gummy Worms and Creamsicle!

Create Your Own Sugar Scrub Sundae $9.95

Turn bath time into an ice cream party! Use your ice cream scoop to pick your sugar scrub flavors into your sundae container. Top with aromatherapy topping, sprinkles and glitter. Take it home for a yummy-smelling spa experience. Use it on body, hands and feet to exfoliate, soften, smooth and moisturize. Paraben-free and glycerin-rich!


Create Your Own Shimmer Lotion $9.95

Create your own glitzy lotion potion! Using our pump system, you get to layer and mix lotions, gels and glitter in the color and scents you choose. Complete the project by adding a bright pink lid, a label and a tag. The lotions you take home contain shea butter, avocado oil, vitamin E, cocoa and mango butter to make your skin nice and soft!


Create Your Own Mud Scrub $10.95

Clean up with chocolate mud and lime sludge when you make your own mud scrub and silly soap! Add creepy crawlies and pretend gravel and dirt that actually cleans you! Paraben-free and glycerin-rich.


Create Your Own Spa Bubbles $9.95

Make your own shimmery magic bath potion when you select a bottle and layer different colors and scents of sparkly bath gels, glitter stars and glitter.


Create Your Own Mad Lab $10.95

Become a clean mad scientist! Create a bath gel lab experiment by adding eyeballs, finger, zombies and more to “Lab Goo” and “Toxic Waste” bath gels. Crazy fun!